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CyberSpy Software LLC
got its start back in April 2003 with the release of its initial computer monitoring or spy software solution CyberSpy. CyberSpy is a local monitoring solution that allows anyone to monitor how their computer is being used. Keep a watchful eye on your child's internet use, make sure employees are not taking advantage of company internet use policy, and record anyone else who accesses your computer.

Located in beautiful sunny Orlando, Florida, CyberSpy Software, LLC is breaking the mold in the spy software industry, providing better products, new features and superior support to its customers and partners alike.

In June 2004, CyberSpy Software continues to grow with the release of RemoteSpy--a remotely installable spy software and computer monitoring solution that allows you to view your logs online from any computer in the world!

In 2005, CyberSpy Software became a privately held company and is now CyberSpy Software, LLC. As our company grows into the future, it is imperative that we continue to build a relationship with our customers and partners and continue to provide great software and personalized support to each customer!

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