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Cyber Spy Software
CyberSpy is rated #1 for Computer Monitoring Spy Software!

CyberSpy is a leader in local pc monitoring solutions, providing an array of features, an easy-to-use graphical interface and stealth computer monitoring capabilities. CyberSpy can keep tabs on your employees, or keep track of what your children are viewing on the internet. CyberSpy is a complete PC monitoring solution for any home or office. CyberSpy will record all websites visited, instant message conversations, passwords, emails, and all keystrokes pressed. CyberSpy also has the ability to provide screen shots at set intervals. Anything that occurs on your computer you can capture with CyberSpy!

CyberSpy will:
  • Record all Instant Message Conversations
  • Record all Keystrokes Pressed
  • Record all Websites Visited
  • Record in Total Stealth Mode
  • Capture Screen Shots
  • Record all Documents Opened
  • Record all Passwords Used
  • Record all Composed E-Mails
  • Record all Applications Ran
  • and more!

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